A list of 1990s/2000s eras band releasing a rumored to be releasing new albums/singles or touring

Feel free to comment on this list! Ill update it as much as I can:

Green Day - Nimrod XXV (out now) (suspected to be finished working on new album)

Paramore - This is Why (out now)

Pierce the Veil - The Jaws of Life (out now)

Neck Deep - Heartbreak of the Century (single, out now)

Foo Fighters - (new album rumored to be out in March)

All Time Low - Tell Me Im Alive (out now)

Fall Out Boy - So Much (for) Stardust (March 24th, new singles Love from the Other Side and h
Heart break feels so good out now)

Linkin Park - Meteora 20th anniversary (Apirl 7th, new single Lost out now)

Blink-182 - Untitled new album (TBD, new single EDGING currently out)

The Offspring (rumored to be working on new music)

Jimmy Eat World (photos have been shared of them in the studio)

Weezer - suspected to be going on tour in the summer


Surprised to hear offspring is working on new stuff, didn’t the last album take like 10 years to come out? Didn’t know how about Jimmy eat world either, would be excited for that!


Yeah it was a large gap but they posted a photo dump of them working on new music and Jimmy Eat World did the same literally today xD


Jimmy Eat World are another one of my all time favorite bands, so I’m very excited for that!


Just a rumor regarding Blink-182, apparently they’re making Anthem Part Three for the new album.


Super stoked for All Time Low! Bought tickets for their tour and I loved their last album. The singles haven’t really wow’d me so far but I’m sure the album will be good!


I wanna buy the Meteora 20th anniversary box set so bad