1-2-3-4 Go! Records is taking per orders for Warning

Thats right folks. Warning and 39/Smooth are ones that often alluded collectors from getting all of Green Day’s studio albums and now Warning is getting a repress!!

*note: keep in mind the 25th anniversary of Warning is in 2 years. If you dont mind waiting I would hold off until then


Would that be kind of a dick move on their part to introduce an ordinary repress two years before an anniversary and then do a big deluxe version? Is this a sign they won’t be doing a deluxe version of Warning in 2025?


To be fair this is probably the label’s choice and not the band’s. Wouldnt be supirsed if we get a special 25th anniversary edition and they are just trying to exploit fans

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Didn’t they actually just repress Nimrod like 2 years ago? I can see them doing this and still doing something for the 25th.


Link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Wonder why.


Haha incidentally I recently found warning on CD in a charity shop, absolute steal for 2.99. Wouldn’t mind adding the vinyl to my collection but you make a good point about the 25th anniversary.